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Introduction to Zoltek Panex PX30 carbon paper substrates

Views:     Added:2022-01-24

1. General information

Zoltek Panex PX30 PW03 & PW06 woven carbon fiber fabric has high cross-ply tensile and interlaminar shear strengths for 2-D composite materials. Another advantage of this fabric is its' contour conformation without wrinkling. Zoltek Panex PW03 fabric undergoes a high temperature carbonization process, involving a long temperature soak time, resulting in a very thermally stable and chemically pure fabric with low oxidation rate.

Zoltek PX30 carbonized fiber product series perform incredibly well in several specialty applications that demand very high temperature and very harsh chemical resistance.

Applications of Zoltek Panex PW03 & PW06 woven fabric includes carbon-carbon composites and other processes where chemical vapor infiltration or pre-pregging is required.

2. Specifications

Zoltek Panex PX30 carbon paper substrates
Material TypePW03PW06
Count ( W x F)45 x 45 yarns / in29 x 29 yarns / in
Thickness0.4064 mm0.508 mm
Areal Weight3.4 oz / yd^27.0 oz / yd^2
Electrical Resistivity0.0014 ohm-cm0.0014 ohm-cm
Density1.75 g/cc1.75 g/cc
Oxidation Rate1% per hour at 500°C1% per hour at 500°C
Carbon Content (%)99 %> 99 %

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